Let us design
your next masterpiece.

“Great design is in the DNA
of our company.”

Pawel Porucznik, CEO at Captiosus Ltd.


 All of our services and designs are made in Cyprus which has always been our greatest inspiration. Our most important mission is to offer our customers the best possible experience at Captiosus; from high quality design to top service, accessible right when you need it. We are dedicated to be there for you when our help is needed most.

Join us on a journey to design the perfect masterpiece for you!

Distinctive design is what defines all our projects, keeps our brains sharp and up to date about the latest trends, art, technology and creation of value for our customers.

Our core services include:

  • Product Design Services (industrial design and industrial design licensing)
  • Product Management Services (product development, trends research etc.)
  • Marketing Management and Consulting Services + Brand Strategy Building
  • Retail Location Scouting and Consulting
  • Instagram Influencer Services (IG @paulfigura)
  • SEO
Zrzut ekranu -ceo

HEAD DESIGNER and Sales Director

Pawel Porucznik brings over 10 years of optical industry experience to our bespoke team in Cyprus. He has an eye for trends, styles, and fashion subtleties that is unparalleled. Pawel’s true drive is matching a client’s brand style with their unique market characteristics, in conjunction with identifying their needs. Pawel believes that, “all products should tell a story, make a statement, and showcase an individual’s personality.”


Marketing Management & Consulting Services + Brand Strategy Building

Retail industry is our passion and we are here to help other brands reach their full potential in the selected markets. We have successfully launched several brands on various different markets by building strong brand strategies and having the right approach towards marketing management. We create strategies specifically tailored to the needs of each individual brand, after careful analysis of the positioning of the brand on the market.

Product Design Services

We specialize in a distinctive product design and our main goal is to create pieces that radiate uniqueness. With clear focus on innovation and unique design we also offer other industrial design services. Many years in the niche has brought us numerous experiences in the field of licensing industrial design projects which allows us to share the knowledge with our clients.

Product Management Services

Our experience with the retail industry allows us to also provide product management services from the very beginner stages of the project to the final realization. We help brands achieve a stronger presence in specific markets by creating product collections that are based on thorough market research of the latest trends.

Retail Location Scouting & Consulting

An important part of our consulting activities are also aimed at brands committed to consolidating their presence in the retail industry in different countries. We have built a successful chain of retail stores and have specialized in location scouting so we can easily consult & help other brands find the perfect location for their next store.

Influencer Services

Our Sales Director Pawel Porucznik offers influencer services on his Instagram profile to help you promote your brand and expand the presence among potential customers. Check his instagram account @paulfigura for more information.

SEO Services

Revolutionize your content strategy with our state-of-the-art SEO AI SaaS service. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create highly optimized content that resonates with your target audience. Our platform analyzes search trends, suggests relevant keywords, and provides content recommendations to ensure your material is engaging, relevant, and ranks high in search engine results.


Our Head Office is located in the ancient city of Limassol in Cyprus. Limassol inspires us and supports our creative and innovative mindset.


9A Evripidou Street,
3031 Limassol, Cyprus
CY 10421335A
HE 421335

+357 97791114